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Monday, 7 May 2012

Moscow city center rally against Putin.

Слышали о протесте против действующей власти в России? Об арестах и насилии против митингующих на масштабной акции 6 мая? Самое время пойти и погуглить. А вот наши мирные фотографии оттуда.
Have you heared anything about arrests and violence at overflowing rally in Moscow? Go and google it then. Here are our pictures taken in the city center of Moscow just yesterday. 
 A dude revolutionary dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask on Yakimanka St.

Anarchist or liberalist? No matter who this baby is when he is tired.
Bike rider filming the procession on Yakimanka St.
Redhead babushka is following the communistic procession.
A man stucked in another past epoch...
Only Black Sabbath never out-of-date.
No comments. Just aaaw!
Pro-Putin people love to say that the opposition was sponsored by USA.  "I joined the rally and all I've got from America was a dinner in "Alice's Restaurant!"
Near the Bolotnaya square the rally turned into Coachella.
Someone was sponsored by Germany though...
(Anybody knows what the man's message to the world?)

Russia will be free. "Non-content" - written on the flag.

Only anarchists are pretty.
Young film-makers on Yakimanka St.
During the rally on the Bolotnaya square (on the opposite coast) the policemen lost their helmets: angry citizens thew them into the river. When a police-boat tried to pick them up, they recieved just plastic bottles ant other garbage thrown into the boat.
The same shit with the car of State TV Channel "Россия".

The embarkment after a rigid police attack. 
Protestants Nika, Masha and 5 rows of russian SWAT soldiers. 

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